We are licensed under Brazilian Central Bank and Receita Federal regulations, as Domestic Bank Correspondent from these brazilian banks:


We believe that the customer
deserves the best and most
efficient support, 

specially when the subject is your assets.

We believe that the customer
deserves the best and most
efficient support,

specially when the subject is your assets.

Because we identified that major part of customers don’t receive a fair treatment from the largest banks, that together, have 95% of the marketshare from financial services.

The customers we have been supporting in foreign exchange operations, that tried to worked with other banks in Brasil, have reported the following unpleasent experiences:

– Customer support only happens by email, or a phone call that takes forever to respond, and when it answers, shows few evidence that they understand how to resolve the problem;
– Request too many documents. Way more than necessary;
– Overcharge;
– Take days to actually solve the problem;
– Bank’s insterests are more important than customer’s.

For reasons like this that we created the foreign exchange services business unit.

And after 5 years of FX experience, we added other financial services to complete out portfolio, which now includes Credit loans, investiments, Derivatives and others.


Company was founded in 2010, by Rodolfo Sanson, that has been working the last 20 years in Sales, supporting companies and customers, through sales representation of local and foreign companies.During all this time focusing on the CLIENT, and not on the companies he represented, he customized a type of service focused on the principles of COPAT:

Note: as honesty is a must and not differential, then it does not enter the anagram.
In 2001, he migrated to the oil and gas area, where he worked in several commercial areas such as maintenance services for equipment for drilling oil wells. During 10 years of this journey, he worked in an industry of his family, where he served national and foreign companies that operated in Brazil. Through the exchange with foreign clients, he learned the best way to deal with clients from outside the country, always delivering the best solution and creating ties with great people and companies from all over the world. Always aiming for the best result, he delivered what are today considered the pillars of Cambará: Organization, effectiveness and efficiency.
We are a Banking Correspondent for Banco BTG Pactual


We are representatives of Banco BTG Pactual. Through its structure, customers will be able to open an account, move resources and close operations. Always accompanied by Cambará representatives, customers will have sure that everything will be accomplished in the shortest possible time and with the most competitive in the market.
  • Acquisition of Federal and State and Municipal precatories, under consultation
  • Acquisition of credit rights

  • Corporate credit for stressed assets

  • We bought the debt of the company that made M & amp; A, distress to equity

  • Credit Arbitration

  • Acquisition of non-performing loan portfolios

  • All types of credit lines for operations over R $ 35m, audited balance sheet companies, and in the future over R $ 300m, with possible guarantees such as: personal investments of the partners (custody migration, do not dismantle the operation), real estate , endorsements and other collateral instruments.

  • M&A – advice on corporate transactions with financial flow

  • Issuance of shares (ECM equity capital markets) – IPO, follow on, block of shares

  • DCM – issuance of debt to market: debentures, when the bank has a sell side mandate to organize and look for a buyer for the company – the customer is always the entrepreneur

  • Purchase of corporate properties, Logistic distribution center 35 km from the main highways or capitals, store in shopping mall, all with current lease / rental agreement – the property must be performing

  • Fund of Funds, Industry (sales and Lease back)

  • Land, empty building yes, in SP

We offer liquidity or purchase of the asset

  • Judicial bail insurance

  • Insurance and reinsurance involving assets of great financial value

  • Allows the client to operate all types of assets, futures and funds under subscription

  • Uses Purching platform (US $ 33Tri in assets)

  • Offers Credit Card, debit and wire, home broker, etf – minimum ticket US $ 250,000

  • There is no charge for opening. In only a few cases does he charge $ 13 custody / month

  • Offers wealth planning service to a client over US $ 50M with tax advice at no cost to the client

  • BTG is bond market maker for latin america

Credit loans

Individuals and Companies
Nested credit lines for Individuals and Companies, in the values between R$1M and R$10M through Banco BS2.

Individuals or Companies
Separate lines of credit above R$30M for individuals or legal entities through Banco BTG Pactual


We can support our customer with local and ofsshore investimens through our sister company.

We are Banks’ Foreign Exchange Correspondent

We operate for both individuals and corporations in the Commercial Exchange

Conversion of debt into capital (symbolic or conference);

Operation with Bitcoin;

Investment abroad to obtain a visa (EB5, Golden Visa,
etc …);
Buying and selling real estate involving a foreign or foreign tax resident;
Receipt of inheritances and life insurance abroad;
All operations involving offshore structures – LLC, Limited, Trusts – Capital contribution, distribution of profits and dividends through foreign exchange operation;
Borrowing operations with subsequent entry of resources in Brazil
Import operation whose purchase of goods is delivered abroad;
Availability (same ownership);
Resident maintenance;
Importation/ Exportation;
Financial investments and in capital goods;
Records: “CADEMP”, “ROF”, “RDE-IED”;
Payment of expatriate employees;

Oil & Gas

Cambará has being introducing new technologies and companies in the brazilian
oil and gas market since the year 2000, in which details I describe below: